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We run a family business. Passion and professionalism are at the heart of our day to day work to obtain the best oil from the typical varieties of olive trees in our area for ourselves and our customers.




olio rosini raccolta olive

Since 1982 we have been producing a wide range of top quality extra-virgin olive oils, including oil from a single variety of olives.

Our olive grove has over 800 trees which we take care of using natural methods and avoiding the stress caused by intensive farming.

The fruits are picked by hand using traditional nets which are placed under the olive trees. They are then pressed within 24 hours of being picked.



azienda olio rosini frantoio

Each olive tree is carefully looked after to ensure that the olives are healthy and natural with no chemical treatments whatsoever.




Oleificio Rosini  since 1982 extra virgin olive oil with passion , transparency , quality- P.iva 00966230427